You have arrived at the Australian coca tea website – Tea for Life.

You know…Australia, that often-overlooked *huge* land mass thousands of miles to the south of you 🙂

Anyway, Australians have LOVED our “Health Tea”. We call it “Health Tea” because we can’t call it “Coca Tea” in this country – we have to protect ourselves!!

Now, we want to make this awesome product available to our North American cousins. Sooooo, in a short while, we will launch our American tea shop. The imaginative name for this website is….drum roll…Coca Tea USA!!!

Click HERE to go to Coca Tea USA and put your name down as being interested in the single most healthy and stimulating herb on the planet….see what I did there???  I ENTICED you 🙂

With the greatest respect for Mama Coca…

The Tea Lover