Our Ecuador Health Tea is a product especially prepared for us.

First, the dried leaves are purchased at the farm gate, then crushed in small batches.

The aroma is more intense than the Peruvian product, fresher.  Almost a “cut-grass” note, but sweeter, It’s a difficult odour to describe well, but it’s moreish 🙂

The product is well balanced in bitterness and “woody green-ness” when chewed without activator (eg sodium bicarb).

When chewed with sodium bicarb, a temporary numbness of mouth occurred, as expected.

If you also like to “eat” your Health Tea, this product is easier to “chew”, due to it’s larger “flake size”.

In terms of texture, the Ecuadorian tea powder is softer and spongier.  It weighs about half as much as a teaspoon of our Peruvian Health Tea, so we used two heaped teaspoons for a “normal strength brew” and four teaspoons for a “strong brew”.