NEW! Prismo AeroPress Attachment

We’ve gotten attached to this AeroPress attachment!

We love our AeroPress, and use it every day to make a strong grit-free cup of Health Tea.

The Prismo turbo-charges the AeroPress to bring you next-level flavour and potency.

$ 39.95 $ 35.00 AUD


Superpowers for your AeroPress!

Made by Fellow Products, the Prismo has a unique “No Drip Seal” that significantly enhances the tea-making experience.

By concentrating the pressure produced by the AeroPress, you get a fuller, richer and stronger brew, with more of the good stuff in your cup.

Also, the ultra-fine stainless steel filter and “no drip seal” bring additional benefits…

  • It aerates the liquid as it passes through the filter, creating a smooth flavour.
  • The filter doesn’t trap essential oils as the standard AeroPress paper filters do, resulting in an enhanced flavour-packed punch.
  • You no longer have to “Invert” your AeroPress to make a strong brew.

Oh, and of course, if you’re a coffee nerd, you’ll have endless caffeinated fun with your Prismo as well.

Check out Fellow’s recommended method for brewing tea.


Get Attached…

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$ 39.95 $ 35.00 AUD

Brew a Better (Stronger) Cup!

You’ll need an AeroPress to use the Prismo!

BAeroPress Coffee (and Tea!) Makerrew your Health Tea with an AeroPress Coffee (and Tea!) Maker and never look back.  I use mine every day to make super-strong tea that far surpasses regular brewing.

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