Delisse Coca Tea Powder


Delisse - Peru's Only Legal Provider of Coca Tea Products

Premium Quality Coca Tea Powder from Peru, Shipped from within Australia


Our original tea powder from Peru that started us on a life-changing journey to health and happiness.

Packed with nutrients and health-promoting alkaloids.  Bursting with healthy energy.

Stabilises mood, increases focus, banishes tiredness and hunger.

Alkalises the body and strengthens the immune system.

A potential treatment for Long COVID the world has yet to discover.

The tea that does so much with one cup or spoonful.

$ 87.50$ 169.00 AUD

This Is the Famously Healthy Delisse Coca Tea Powder You Have Been Looking For!

  • Peruvian Coca Tea Powder – packed with nutrients and antioxidants
  • Heaps of 5-Sar reviews, Hundreds of lives changed for the better.
  • Made by ENACO, Peru’s government-owned farmer’s co-op, and the only legal supplier of Coca products in Peru.
  • *All* beneficial alkaloids present
  • Promotes carbohydrate (sugar) metabolism and promotes ketosis for weight loss
  • Assists in the maintenance of a healthy gut microbiome
  • Appetite suppressant – aids in calorie restriction and fasting
  • Numerous health benefits reported.
  • Potent A-Grade, finest quality
  • Fine-ground whole leaf powder (also known as “flour”)
  • Can be used for making hot or cold tea beverage, and also as a dietary supplement/cooking ingredient
  • Freshest, tastiest possible product
  • Safe domestic delivery.  Sent within Australia using Express Post


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Delisse Coca Tea Powder - 100 Gram Pack
Delisse Coca Tea Powder - 100 Gram Pack$ 87.50 AUD

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Delisse Coca Tea Powder - 250 Gram Pack
Delisse Coca Tea Powder - 250 Gram Pack$ 169.00 AUD

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AeroPress Coffee (and Tea!) MakerBrew your Health Tea with an AeroPress Coffee (and Tea!) Maker and never look back.  I use mine every day to make super-strong tea that far surpasses regular brewing.

This product is changing lives.  Learn how Nature’s miracle herb has helped so many of our customers. Check out the reviews below…

100 reviews for Delisse Coca Tea Powder

  1. Paul Hine (verified Tea Lover)

    Excellent tea and service😄

  2. Chris (verified Tea Lover)

    Great product and prompt delivery.
    Thank you

  3. Emma

    I really love this tea!

    Like other reviewers I am now a regular customer. I drink coffee too, but I really love the way this tea makes me feel.

    It really does feel healthy and I’m sure it has a positive impact on my gut and mood …nothing crazy, just a little pep.

    Service has always been great too.

    Thanks Mike!

  4. Anonymous (verified Tea Lover)

    Tea for Life Health Tea has helped me phenomenally. Carrying type 1 diabetes for 27 years has lead to other autoimmune disorders. When I receive this medicine my leaky gut, candida, strep overgrowth and water retention symptoms dissolve very quickly and I am renewed with a whole new and exciting lease of life. Thank you Mike for your continued support, epic product, great communication and good humor on my journey!

  5. Greg

    Very quick response & quality product.

  6. Lise-Lotte

    Ive been buying my tea from tea for life for a while now and I’m always happy with the quality of the tea and the time it takes to arrive 😊 I highly recommend them

  7. Andrew N. (verified Tea Lover)

    Great product. As described. Great service and delivery also 😊

  8. Anonymous

    This is the real deal, Clean Green Peruvian tea full of fresh healthy alkaloids. Highly recommend. Never had an issue with delivery. Thanks Guys!!

  9. Nathan

    Best Quality, Best Service, Mike has given me a new lease on life with this natural healthy tea!

  10. Harley

    Great service and great product. Delicious with warm water and a dash of lemon juice.

  11. Justin C. (verified Tea Lover)

    This Tea is always amazing, absolutely Top notch!

  12. David M. (verified Tea Lover)

    Good stuff Mike always on time and great! We love our morning tea!!!

  13. Mike (verified Tea Lover)

    Excellent as always. have bought more than 20 times. Each time was super quick shipping, communication was excellent and Mike is a super chill guy. Quicker and more reliable than most Ebay or Amazon vendors. It helps me incredibly on those days I just can’t bring myself to the gym or do that task. One dose will just push me past that ceiling.

  14. Harry B.

    The tea is awesome, it’s refreshing and uplifting. I prefer the taste to regular tea!

  15. Matt (verified Tea Lover)

    Life saving product hence tea for life, could be my next tattoo 😉

  16. Michael (verified Tea Lover)

    As a regular customer for the past few years, I have found the Peru Health tea to be a consistently fresh, high potency product that has a wide range of health benefits. Always meticulously packed with fast dispatch and delivery, I highly recommend it to anyone. Thanks Mike!

  17. Georgie

    I have used this tea for health issues.. I have suffered Chronic Fatigue for many years. It usually takes weeks sometimes months to get through it. But with the tea I have healed in 1 – 2 weeks. Using 1/4 teaspoon 3 times a day. Amazing. Very grateful for this amazing healing product. Thank you Mike. You have saved me from insanity. lol…

  18. Charlie S.

    Awesome service. Very happy customer, will be back

  19. Matthew (verified Tea Lover)

    My Current favourite online business for life in general and support, couldn’t ask for more in Australia.

  20. Anonymous (verified Tea Lover)

    Best Health Decision of my Life. Highly recommend and quality products and service.

  21. Gabrielle (verified Tea Lover)

    There is everything to like about this product and the ethics of the company who bring it to us. My continued thanks and support.

  22. Paul E (verified Tea Lover)

    Hi Mike, this tea has uplifted my thought patterns to be able to deeply apply myself to any task. For myself to keep my holistic functions through mind, physical body, soul and connections to the universe, my ancestors, spirit guides, angels, this tea has, without a doubt bought all these channels to meaning.

    Regarding my medical history, a tumour was partially removed from around my pituitary gland in 2008. Radiation on the tumour was performed in 2011, as there was some growth. In this time of forced life adjustment, my bobcat hire business was not functioning and depression crept in. I had open-heart surgery in 2012, which was very unexpected. Specialists found that I had a large hole in my heart.

    It was about 2016 when I first started having your Peru Health Tea. Specialists advised me that I would probably be on hormone replacement therapy indefinitely, as most of the pituitary was either surgically removed or blasted by radiation.

    I have now re-educated and am enjoying my job as a Nurse. This tea has given me mind strength, and as I have always had a positive attitude it blends well holistically.

    • Tea Lover (store manager)

      Thank you Paul for such an inspiring story. You have proven your inner strength through the adversity that life has dealt you. Not only have you found a holistic way to overcome the many challenges set before you, but you have managed to reinvent yourself in a way that few others would have.

      To think that our Peru green tea has helped you along this journey is humbling, and only reminds us of the power that mother nature has bestowed upon us through her magical plants.

      From Bobcat hire to a career caring for the sick as a nurse, your amazing story is simply a testament to how this tea can strengthen the spirit, give courage and bring healing.

  23. Jason

    Fantastic quality tea. Fast delivery. Couldn’t be happier

  24. Isaac W. (verified Tea Lover)

    Perfect, 5/5, would recommend (and have) 🙂

  25. Anonymous

    The genuine article.

  26. Vanessa B.

    Excellent product!

  27. Kristian L. (verified Tea Lover)

    Great product, third day drinking it, feel amazing, helps stay on track with my ketogenic diet, gives clarity, big fan! Will definitely be ordering more 🙂

  28. Skye M (verified Tea Lover)

    The product is always fresh, of top quality, and I’m always so happy with the results! I feel revitalised, re-energised, and would recommend it to anyone!!

    I am always very happy with the customer service I receive when I order, and I receive it within a couple of days! (I live in a remote area).

    Can’t get better than this 😉

  29. Jamie C.

    Great product and amazing customer service!

  30. Jay Bishoff (verified Tea Lover)

    Mike is the best!

  31. Mark Ellis (verified Tea Lover)

    For me the worst symptoms of Fibromyalgia are mitigated with 2 or 3 cups of Tea for Life’s Health Tea each morning. It really is the difference between doing a proper day’s work and lying in bed all day. For some years Tea For Life have been providing me with a predictable and reliable service. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

  32. Spencer (verified Tea Lover)

    My experience as a Tea for Life customer began over a year ago and I couldn’t be happier.

    I have found Tea for Life fantastic to deal with in all aspects.

    I receive regular email notifications of product availability, pricing innovations as well as any new additions to the Tea for Life product range.

    All relevant information is provided to make ordering fast, easy and convenient when placing an order and making payments.

    Communicating with Tea for Life is always a positive experience as they are prompt to reply to any queries, polite and informative.

    I would highly recommend Tea for Life to anyone looking for the highest quality products, with fast delivery, great communication and fair pricing.


  33. M

    I was a bit sceptical at first, but I ordered some of this tea anyway after a friend vouched that it helped her chronic fatigue and “women’s problems”.

    It took two days, but I suddenly realised I’d gotten a lot more work done than than usual, instead of the usual brain fog that I’m accustomed to.

    In the past few weeks, I’ve had lots more energy and focus to get things done.

    Good communication and fast delivery – you’ve won me!

  34. Anonymous


  35. Michael L. (verified Tea Lover)

    Have been buying tea many times. Excellent service, very quick and honest communication. The tea itself is definitely better quality than a more expensive competitor that I also know.
    Package always comes no more than 3 days after putting in the order (minus once due to sickness which is understandable)
    Has definitely improved every aspect of my life especially my physical health and fitness.
    Highly Recommended

  36. Matt W (verified Tea Lover)

    Best thing in my life, and Mikes a great guy 🙂

    • Tea Lover (store manager)

      Thanks Matt. The simple things in life truly are the best, huh?

  37. Jonathan H. (verified Tea Lover)

    Awesome results for rheumatoid arthritis and migraine relief and a sensational group of guys and gals to deal with 🙂

  38. Steven Cowie

    With a change of diet and intermittent fasting using the tea as an appetite suppressant and energy boost I have managed to lose 20 kilos in 12 months with little exercise or effort, at 56 this has been a life changer.

    • Tea Lover (store manager)

      Hey Steven, that’s an impressive result from one natural food supplement.

      Intermittent fasting and calorie restriction are the buzz-words in longevity circles these days, and have been shown to increase health and lifespan in those who practice it. The natural appetite-suppressing nature of the tea makes it easier to skip a meal here or there and not suffer the discomfort of being hungry. As you mention, the extra energy is a double whammy that gets you moving, motivated and focused.

  39. Jade (verified Tea Lover)

    Love this amazing product and the wonderful customer service 💕 I highly recommend

  40. Ladislav (verified Tea Lover)

    Good product, Fast delivery.

  41. Andrew (verified Tea Lover)

    Great friendly, and prompt service, with super quick delivery, on both of two orders.
    ​​The quality of the tea is excellent. All my friends and family also love it.
    ​​I cannot recommend enough!
    ​​Do not hesitate, these guys are a trustworthy and high quality operation.

    • Tea Lover (store manager)

      Thanks Andrew!

      Likewise, I appreciate your trust in us. Great products are meaningless without great customers to enjoy them, and we’re more than glad you like our special tea 🙂

  42. Stuart Mc (verified Tea Lover)

    Thank you for this amazing product. I was slightly sceptical until I got my first 45gram sampler. I have since ordered multiple times. It is a wonderful appetite suppressant that leaves you energetic and alert. That’s very useful for my ketogenic diet as I’m often hungry between meals. No more craving snacks! Thank you.

  43. Jade (verified Tea Lover)

    So in love with this amazing product! I was shown this product by my mother in law 2 years ago and it’s helped me so much. It’s so healing and has helped with my energy levels and digestion and other health problems. It’s so easy to order and Tea for Life have amazing customer service. I highly recommend this product.

  44. Matt (verified Tea Lover)

    I’ve been using tea for life’s Peruvian tea for close to 12 months. The change in my life has been incredible – both physically beneficial and mentally.

    I’ve had a severe laceration to my right arm in which my meridian nerve was severed ever since I’ve had no feeling in part of my hand and leaves my hand in a awkward looking unnatural position. The tea stimulates my nerves as such I regained feeling in my hand and returned to a natural resting position.

    As far as mentally it provides me with a means of stimulation where I have been able to quit caffeine also study at a university level for as long as a desire within reason until I return to sleep with ease.

    It’s provided myself with confidence and have been able to eliminate several anti-anxiety medications such as Valium/Diazepam.

    It’s a great product and highly recommended plus the company is one on one at personal level with its customers which is to be admired.

    I will continue to use this product probably for the rest of my life as I have never felt so relieved and healthy in general.


  45. Brad Q (verified Tea Lover)

    its been about 2 years since I first got onto the health tea…. I absolutely think its amazing. What an incredible product. It can help with fatigue, null pain, and generally make you feel better. I have ordered many many times with no drama. And I should probably get a commission for the amount of other people I know that I have introduced to it 🙂 just awesome

  46. Elle (verified Tea Lover)

    Love this tea! I make mine with a little raw cacao and steamed coconut milk, makes for a sort of earthy hot chocolate. It may be something to do with the coconut milk but the metabolism of the tea seems to be prolonged this way.

    Thank you for your excellent customer service every time 🙂

    • Tea Lover (store manager)

      Thank you Elle for your kind words and the recipe idea…sounds delicious, I will give it a try.

      There might just be something in your observation worth investigating regarding the coconut milk having a possible complimentary effect.

      UPDATE: We’ve just published Elle’s delicious recipe. We’ve named it Cacao Coconut Comforter – check it out!

  47. adespoz (verified Tea Lover)

    I’ve been buying the Special Health Tea for about a year now and I have to say I’m impressed both by the consistent quality of the product and the very fine customer service.

    I’ve suffered with ME/CFS for two decades and this Special Health Tea is one of a very few substances that make a discernible (yet gentle) difference to my energy levels I’m so happy that I found this excellent product and business.

    I take my ‘dose’ buccally (held in the mouth, against the cheek). One heaped tea spoon can sit in that position for an hour or more. All the goodness then slowly infuses into the blood stream, providing a gentle lift in physical ability, mood and cognition. I just do this once per day and it gives me a good few hours of extra oomph. It is SUCH a great help. Highly recommended.

    * Note: CAREFUL when using this method, the tea is a very fine powder and it can be accidentally inhaled. It is a waste of tea if it’s explosively coughed over the toaster and kitchen window!

    Thanks again TFL 😊


  48. adespoz (verified Tea Lover)

    I’ve been buying the Special Health Tea for about a year now and I have to say I’m impressed both by the consistent quality of the product and the very fine customer service.

    I’ve suffered with ME/CFS for two decades and this Special Health Tea is one of a very few substances that make a discernible (yet gentle) difference to my energy levels I’m so happy that I found this excellent product and business.

    I take my ‘dose’ buccally (held in the mouth, against the cheek). One heaped tea spoon can sit in that position for an hour or more. All the goodness then slowly infuses into the blood stream, providing a gentle lift in physical ability, mood and cognition. I just do this once per day and it gives me a good few hours of extra oomph. It is SUCH a great help. Highly recommended.

    * Note: CAREFUL when using this method, the tea is a very fine powder and it can accidentally inhaled. It is a waste of tea if it’s explosively coughed over the toaster and kitchen window!

    Thanks again TFL 😊


  49. Isaac (verified Tea Lover)

    I have chronic fatigue, back pain, depression and social anxiety. Needless to say this tea has helped with all of the above! Forget trying to ship it from Peru yourself, forget the low quality brands, this is what you want, right here! Happy customer 🙂

    • Tea Lover (store manager)

      Thank you Isaac. It truly is amazing stuff.

  50. David

    It’s a great drop if you need a drink to relax or for healthy herbal tea. I have been drinking Peru and South America tea for 20 years.

  51. Reuben (verified Tea Lover)

    Excellent tea! First bought back in 2016 and recently decided to get some more, same great memorable flavour and energy. Big thank you to the owner for assisting me in a refund after I made a mistake paying for two orders instead of the one I wanted. Fast postage also, will be back again soon! Cheers.

  52. thebradguy (verified Tea Lover)

    Nothing short of amazing!, I’ve struggled with attention problems and various other issues like occasional depression and anxiety and I must say that this tea gives me very noticeable clarity, increased energy and focus, I’ve now been convinced of what others have said 🙂

  53. Jack (verified Tea Lover)

    Excellent Tea – have bought a few times now. Very fast shipping as well. My only question is how you make this with the AeroPress? Do you use a filter like you would for coffee and discard the flour once it’s been pressurised?

    • Tea Lover (store manager)

      Hi Jack,

      We recommend the “Inverted AeroPress Method” to make the tea.

      This will make a strong brew without the “gritty bits”. The remaining powder will still have some goodness in it, as no simple extraction technique is 100% effective. Also, other nutrients, including calcium and protein will be left behind in the remnants. It’s up to you what you want to do with it…you can discard it, press it again for a weaker brew, or mix it with some water and drink it anyway. I personally swallow the remnants every second or third cup I make, just to make use of the valuable nutrients still left in the grounds.

      Here’s a tip for a tasty alternative – only fill the AeroPress about one-quarter with warm to hot water (never boiling!), stir it well, then top up the rest with ice tea. Apply the filter, invert and press…add ice if desired. Delicious!

      Here’s a link to the Inverted AeroPress method:


  54. Mark G (verified Tea Lover)

    I’ve been using the tea for about a week now. I’ve been adding it to my breakfast smoothy and having a late morning brew as well – the effects have been almost instant. A marked elevation in mood, energy and clarity. I would HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone but particularly those who could do with a boost in those areas.

    Mark Gayle

  55. Steve (verified Tea Lover)

    The tea was definitely a life saver for me. I first had it while recovering from cancer treatment. I had low energy and low blood haemoglobin – I could barely move around. The tea gave me something to look forward to each day and gave me the energy to get through the day and regain my ability to do some gentle exercise. I felt it gave me increased oxygen levels and I enjoyed being able to breathe more deeply after having it.

  56. Grant (verified Tea Lover)

    This is the most pure leaf tea that I’ve ever had!! Well done to Tea for Life.
    I’ve tried many cheaper companies from South America and it feels half strength to this…he’s on to the right source, I will pay the extra…it’s worth it!

  57. Pete

    An absolute gem. This medicinal tea has been a life saver.

    It really just help give me a little pick me up that is so much better than a the jitters I get from coffee.

    Well done and thank you so much for making this medicine available.

  58. Gata (verified Tea Lover)

    I have been trying this tea now for bout 3 months.
    Its absolutely brilliant.
    Great communication and good service.
    Well done guys! A superb product.

  59. Jimmy (verified Tea Lover)

    Ordered the sampler to Sydney and after trying this tea I will be buying more. I drink it in the evening and feel a subtle increase in contentment, energy and motivation without the hyper ventilating, insomnia or erectile dysfunction that other products cause. Tastes like green tea and I also like to swirl the sediment at the bottom and drink. I will be trying with grapefruit juice, cacao, and kava to see if the effects are enhanced.

  60. Scott K (verified Tea Lover)

    Always fresh and premium grade tea which would be enough in itself but the customer service is also above and beyond! Thanks again to Mike and the team at Tea for Life for getting a quality batch of tea to me in such a short window of time to arrive in time for my in-laws visiting from Peru – they said it was as delicious as they have at home!

  61. Lindsay (verified Tea Lover)

    I spent 15 years living in Bolivia and drinking this tea. This tea powder is the real thing, good quality, has all the desired effects. I’m so glad it’s available here.

  62. Daniel

    I can’t believe how good this tea is. I suffered from testicular cancer and a lack of energy. As a result, this tea just refills and recharges me. I love it so much it has changed my life, thank you.

  63. Adam

    I am so pleased with the tea I have been having.

    I have a pituitary tumour which was operated on in 2008 and radiation in 2011. It is still there, and no sign of growth. However, I was suffering from severe headaches quite frequently, and since having the tea have noticed a change holistically.

    I also had open heart surgery in 2012 from a genetic condition, Atrial Septum Defect – ASD (hole in the heart ).

    I am 50 years of age and have always stayed fit, and against medications. I feel 30 now and would sincerely like to thank you for making this product available.

  64. Pleased Customer (verified Tea Lover)

    For the most part, I am very pleased with my tea.
    I ordered in late January, received my tea in early April.
    Mike did send updates as there were issues from the overseas supplier, which to be fair, doesn’t seem to happen much, judging by the other reviews.
    I would have liked a little more idea of when the order was going to arrive, but I understand that was out of Mike’s control.
    The tea powder itself is of excellent quality.
    It hasn’t been a miracle worker for me, but I can definitely feel it’s positive effects and so I use it as part of an overall approach to my health.
    Thanks, Tea for Life! I will be ordering again, in hopes of a shorter wait.

    • Tea Lover (store manager)

      Thanks for the feedback. Because the country of origin periodically experiences postal strikes (on average once per year for the past few years) there can be times when shipments out of that country grind to a halt. We’ve worked hard to improve our system of notifying customers before purchase, so next time (fingers crossed there won’t be a next time!) everyone will be better informed.

  65. Stefan (verified Tea Lover)

    Constantly kept me updated on the status of my delivery, tea arrived after a few days of order. I love the taste and the way it helps me focus and improves my mood. Would highly recommend it to anyone

  66. Viviana (verified Tea Lover)

    Excellent quality tea, it really helped me with hormonal issues, thyroid problems and menstrual cramps.

    Nice taste and good as metabolism booster, thanks.

  67. Isabel

    I got a Nespresso coffee maker 3 months ago and was drinking 4 coffees from it per day. My back got so stiff I had to stay off my feet or in bed for several days and take ibuprofen & back meds.

    I went to get massages and acupuncture , thinking it was a pinched nerve or disk or sciatica. It was just the coffee that was upsetting my back!

    Now I drink the Health Tea and don’t have all those negative side effects. I love it. It is saving me lots of money that I would have spent going to chiropractors or other people.

    I don’t like the taste but I see it as medicine, which is worth it. My body prefers this tea to coffee.

    Thanks to Mike for making this healthy tea available.

  68. Maree (verified Tea Lover)

    This wonderful tea has definitely decreased my appetite. I decided to add two level teaspoons to hot water, and 20 minutes later, WOW!! HAPPY DAYS!! 🙂 I have a Rag Doll Cat that loves for me to go and sit outside with him in my backyard, but now we are in June, it’s freezing cold. But this tea had me feeling so warm and energetic, I turned off my heater, and went outside with him to watch him fascinated, at seeing leaves fall from the tree. I’m so glad I ordered this tea. Two weeks ago, I was sitting here reading the long list of positive reviews, and trying to work out which size packet to buy, for my very first purchase. I decided to order the 100 gram packet, and I’m so glad I did, as it was everything I had hoped it would be. Something was telling me that I could completely trust “Tea For Life” and I’m really pleased, I took a chance. It was dispatched on Tuesday from Western Australia, and arrived at my front door just 2 working days later, here in Canberra. THANKYOU TEA FOR LIFE for selling such a genuine and amazing tea. 🙂

  69. Ben (verified Tea Lover)

    This tea has helped my wife overcome chronic fatigue, after decades of searching for something that works we are blessed to have finally found the right medicine.
    Thank you so much.

  70. Russell (verified Tea Lover)

    This product is a complete revelation. I am using it to assist with weight loss. I’ve lost 17kg in the last 9 months, the last 3kg since Christmas with the assistance of Tea For Life. I replace a meal with a cup of tea. I get the instant energy and the appetite is diminished substantially. The big issue at the moment is supply, but Mike is keeping me informed. Just hope it is all sorted out soon, I’m having to ration myself.

  71. Chris (verified Tea Lover)

    Ordering again. Fantastic mild stimulant when taken orally, easy to go to sleep after. I needed something to occasionally perk me up at parties after quitting alcohol.

  72. Chelli (verified Tea Lover)

    I have been suffering from CVS disorder (Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome), with constant hospital visits around 12 to 15 times a year. There is very little the doctors know of this disorder, and being in hospital getting pumped with Ondansetron, a strong anti-nausea medic given to chemotherapy patients. Even this powerful pharmaceutical medication doesn’t stop me from being sick.

    I tried my first batch of Health Tea, ordered from Tea from Life and I’m happy to say it has cleared my thoughts and worries of when I will next be sick. Instead, it has helped me get on with my day with a clear mind. It has also suppressed my appetite very nicely as I’m trying to lose weight…the current medication I’m on made me put on a lot of weight.

    I have tried this tea before whilst on holiday in Peru, and has the same qualities as I remember.

    I would highly recommend Tea for Life to all. I like to drink it with no sugar, and a little bicarb soda added helps greatly in improving the strength of tea. The flavour is almost like a strong green tea. I tend to make it with one big heaped teaspoon and little bicarb soda. I find it very refreshing.

    Thank you Tea for Life! I enjoyed every mouth full and I have no doubt that over time the tea will be a great benefit to me and my quality of life – once again, thank you. 😍

  73. Gordie (verified Tea Lover)

    Tea exceeded all expectations! Helps immensely with my study, noticed dramatic improvements in focus and thought process. Also gives a lovely euphoric effect Thanks for the super friendly service 🙂

  74. Leea (verified Tea Lover)

    I find this tea to be super helpful – I have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and I find the tea to be very helpful against the hardcore fatigue I experience mid-morning. I could rattle off a bunch of other benefits/issues but I want people to actually read this review 😉

    I love the taste! I am now a HUGE Aeropress convert, I use it to make the tea and my coffee… so good!

    And of course I honestly can’t review this online shopping experience without mentioning the EXCELLENT SERVICE I have always received. Prompt postage, friendly answers to questions and even personal notes enquiring after the quality of the product and satisfaction with the service.

    Thank you so much 🙂

  75. Angela D (verified Tea Lover)

    I was skeptical as most people are when sampling new products. However, whether it is psychosomatic/auto-suggestion, I don’t know but clearly I am feeling so much better in all respects.

    Dizziness gone (prob blood related), energy levels high (not high as in hyperactive), not craving food (have lost at least 2-3 kg in prob about 5 days), digestion issues – bloating, reflux and general discomfort in my abdomen…all gone!

    I returned from Peru only in recent weeks and of course drank the tea there. It lived up to its claimed health benefits.

    I am now purchasing more!

  76. KD

    Ordered on Monday afternoon, arrived Friday morning. With delayed-sleep-phase-disorder I find it takes me a long time to wake up in the morning, as if I am halfway between a dream and the daylight. This tea helps me to become animated rather quickly and I have been enjoying my mornings much more. Quality stuff for sure!

  77. Stuart

    I had been suffering from panic attacks over the last month and I thought I’d risk it with barely nothing from this tea.

    …So I felt a distinct mood lift, mild euphoria and best of all, panic attacks have just about disappeared.
    This is just as good if not better than curcumin + pepper.

    • Tea Lover (store manager)

      That’s awesome Stuart!
      Chalk up yet another ailment that the tea is good for.
      To be honest, I hadn’t even thought about whether it would be useful for panic attacks, but it stands to reason that it could help. Given the tea is a mild antidepressant, it would probably work in similar ways to the antidepressants often prescribed for panic attacks.

  78. petueli (verified Tea Lover)

    I had some of this tea from my friend, which I shared with my mum. My mum is on a diet and when she drank the tea she felt not hungry all the time. She asked me were it came from. Too bad I only had a little tea from my mate….but I ordered more for my mum – I believe she will loose weight very easily…

  79. Glennda (verified Tea Lover)

    I’ve been waking up with a foggy brain for ages now (probably hormonal) and its really been getting me down. I came across this tea when I was researching ‘pick me up’ herbs and thought I would give it a go. I purchased the 100g bag. While I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s changed my life, I will say that its been a big help in getting me going every day and it does make me feel pretty good, so all in all a happy success story for me. I have already re-ordered.

  80. Paul (verified Tea Lover)

    What can I say? I’m off the pharma meds, my head is clear, after 12 yrs years of chronic illness…I’m back!

    This tea is truly a gift from the gods. No side-effects and tastes great. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your amazing work.

  81. The DOCtor

    I am so stoked with the mobilization of will that this tea generates.
    I honestly don’t know why the entire human race hasn’t integrated it into their everyday lives, because that’s distinctly doable.
    I have been harmed by synthetic pharmaceuticals and I experience great relief from this tea on multiple levels.
    The service is prompt, communication clear and concise, and, well, yeah, the whole shebang freakin’ rocks, basically.

  82. Sue (verified Tea Lover)

    After 10 years of fatigue, lethargy and disinterest…I am now overjoyed to say that I am actively engaging in life again and have the confidence to exercise.

    Sincerest gratitude for Mike and the healthiest tea I’ve ever had.

  83. Spencer (verified Tea Lover)

    For years I have suffered from chronic migrane headaches where I it feels like my head is in a vice. I’m constantly tired and my head feels full of fog.

    I’ve been slowly trying varieties of treatments and options to help reduce the pain and actually get some work done. Conventional painkillers have had no effect for me and trying to drink Red Bull or coffee for energy just made me jittery.

    I was a bit sceptical about this tea but ordered a sample pack to try and OMG…the difference it has made in my life has been incredible.

    Even though my headaches are still present, the pain is reduced greatly after drinking this tea and I actually have the energy and clear mind to do my work. I straight away ordered a full size pack as I can see this greatly helping me manage the periods when my headache is present and I like that it is a natural product.

    Thanks Mike!

  84. Pete (verified Tea Lover)

    Hello Mike

    For whatever reason, and just a good vibe. I always believed your product was genuine and it would turn up one day sooner or later. I really appreciated the email explaining importing issues, now I feel good karma has rewards. Keep up the good work and I will be ordering more. So glad I trusted you. 🙂 Thanks for a great product.

  85. Kylie (verified Tea Lover)

    This is amazing tea. It has helped me with everything.

  86. Red (verified Tea Lover)

    Very happy, always a pleasure to deal with, never a hassle and always a top product.
    As a muso who works a lot of late nights and a day job, I need something to keep me alert and energetic, and cans of ‘red cow’ do nothing for me..
    Happy camper right here.

  87. Anon (verified Tea Lover)

    I can not begin to describe how this tea has changed my life. I will be honest I was very sceptical, but this tea is amazing. Only problem would be the shipping took longer then I would of liked, but other than that everything is excellent.
    Thank you.

  88. Ben (verified Tea Lover)

    This cured all of my ‘incurable’ digestive issues. I was in PAIN the moment my package arrived but only 20 mins later felt no pain whatsoever, instead just a warm, pleasant, and relaxing sensation… Really soothing. And have felt fine ever since.
    A miraculous and healing plant when treated with the respect it deserves.

  89. Tim (verified Tea Lover)

    Tastes similar to green tea. Good fast postage. I will very likely be buying more. Found it to be quite pleasant.
    Interested in trying with an Aeropress.
    Is it a fully natural product? i.e. Has it had any alkaloids removed? Is it organic?

    • Tea Lover (store manager)

      Hi Tim, Glad you are enjoying it!

      Yes, the product is fully natural with all alkaloids present. The only processing done to the product, after the leaves are picked and dried, is milling into a fine “flour”.

      The tea is sourced directly from organic native farmers in the highlands in Peru. Similar to the Fair Trade schemes that operate in the coffee industry, this direct supply chain cuts cartels and corporations out of the loop, benefiting both the farmers with better prices for all their hard work, and the consumers with the freshest and purest product available outside of Peru itself.

      You literally would have to venture into the jungle yourself to get any better!

  90. Alex (verified Tea Lover)

    The tea is super! It fixed a serious, chronic pain I had been experiencing for years, which pharmacy medicines were failing to prevent.
    I am hoping my next order will last me a year!
    The coffee maker too is fun and produces a smooth coffee, even from bitter grounds, which I did not think was possible.
    Thanks tea for life, you have helped me to enjoy my life the way it was before.

    • Tea Lover (store manager)

      This type of tea has been well known for centuries to relieve chronic pain – it’s a wonderful analgesic. To hear stories like this of fellow tea drinkers that no longer require pharmaceutical medications really makes my day.

      This tea truly can be used to treat a vast array of conditions, but sadly hardly anyone knows about it, and your doctor certainly isn’t going to recommend trying it!

      It’s amazing to think a humble cup of tea can do so much…way to go Alex!

  91. Freddie (verified Tea Lover)

    Excellent product- really like the slow, groovy buzz! I usually have it double. My friends really like it too. Looking forward to ordering again from you soon. Thanks also for the super quick postage.

  92. xavier (verified Tea Lover)

    This is brilliant. I mix it in with 2 other teas, usually sweet teas to cut through the bitterness. Fkn delicious!

    Just reordered.

  93. Paul

    the real deal! benefits out of the roof! better replacement for coffee, However in my opinion not very tasty, regardless worth it!

    • Tea Lover (store manager)

      Thanks Paul. Don’t think I’ll ever give up coffee, as I love the taste. However consuming the tea regularly as I now do, I drink far less coffee, which makes me appreciate the flavour all the more.

      I also happen to think that the “Health Tea” flavour can be a bit bland…however it takes on a whole new dimension in taste *and* potency when you use an AeroPress to make an pressurised extraction. The AeroPress produces a dark brown liquid, as opposed to the regular green appearance you normally get when mixing it with hot water. Also the flavour is markedly better…I’ve had my AeroPress for a couple of months now and no longer make the tea the regular way.

  94. David (verified Tea Lover)

    Thank you so much for this great product! I have been drinking this tea for the past couple of months, my current health condition has drastically improved. Helped almost in all aspects of life including: alertness, productiveness, hunger, and my running performance with increased stamina.
    Thank you once again for providing this incredible tea, your service and product are much appreciated.

    Kind regards

  95. Jacob H

    Such a fantastic product, tasty and energizing. Would very highly recommend.
    Just wish I could afford more >.<

    • Tea Lover (store manager)

      Thanks Jacob. We are working very hard with our supplier in order to get the prices down further. Our aim is to make the tea accessible for all – hopefully we will not fail in our mission!

  96. Heath U

    Was looking up info about Peru, for some travel I’m about to do. This Tea had been mentioned many times in regards to altitude sickness, but I started reading about the other benefits from drinking the tea. Thought I would give it a try, by ordering a sample pack from Tea for Life.

    I very much like the taste and found it great to suppress my appetite. So far, after the first month of use, it has helped me to lose 5Kg. It has given me more energy to help me get through the day too.

  97. Gen G

    very happy all round…service, communication, quality of tea and best of all I can now buy in Australia, which is marvellous.
    Tea for living!!

  98. Robb V (verified owner) (store manager)

    Awesome quality tea, great communication and super quick delivery – AND ALL FROM WITHIN AUSTRALIA!! No complaints whatsoever. A+

  99. Happy Customer (verified owner) (store manager)

    I’d been getting whole leaf tea from my local wholefoods store, and was a little dubious about brewing up powder. This is so much better than the whole leaf I was used to… tastier, and noticeably much more effective. What a great product and good service! Its also brilliant not having to suffer the pitfalls and risk of ordering from overseas. Highly recommended!

  100. Tea Lover (site owner) (store manager)

    Biased review – This tea has given me a new lease on life. I drink it every day to combat depression and fatigue.

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