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Our next shipment is due to land in early to mid-December.  Wish us luck, and watch this space.

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Delisse - Peru's Only Legal Provider of Coca Tea Products

Premium Quality Coca Tea bags from Peru, Shipped from within Australia


Wakefulness in a cup!

Our newest product and national beverage of Peru.

These high-quality coca tea bags from Peru have been hard to get in Australia, especially for the past couple of years.

For thousands of years, Coca Tea has consumed daily by millions of people in Peru and surrounding coca-producing countries.

Delisse Coca Tea bags are energising, non-addictive and mild-tasting.  They pack an incredible nutritional profile and amino acid content.

The high calcium content in coca tea can help increase bone strength and density.

Nutritious as a tea beverage or food.


$ 47.50$ 96.50 AUD


Delisse Coca Tea Bags – Amazing, Healthy and Convenient

  • 1 gram of quality coca leaves in each bag
  • Minimally processed with *all* precious alkaloids present
  • 100% imported from Peru.  Sourced directly from ENACO, the Peruvian government’s *only* legal source of coca tea products.
  • Dried whole leaves are crushed, giving a mindful, awakened experience
  • Increases energy
  • Dispels lethargy
  • Regulates carbohydrate metabolism
  • Can be used to make hot or cold tea beverages. Check out our delicious cold-brewed  Iced Lemony Coca Tea  recipe!
  • Dietary supplement (bags can be placed in mouth, or contents of bag can be eaten or added to smoothies)
  • Freshest and tastiest possible product – sourced directly from the factory in Peru
  • Great for sharing 🙂
  • Delivery Guaranteed – we only ship from within Australia


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before ordering!

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Delisse Coca Tea Bags - Pack of 100 Peru Tea Bags $ 96.50 AUD

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Delisse Coca Tea Bags - Pack of 50 Peru Tea Bags $ 47.50 AUD

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Please Note:

Due to circumstances beyond our control, our Peru tea bags arrive loosely packed in bulk bags without an outer paper sleeve.  This means some tangling of paper tags and strings will occur, though we try to minimise this as much as possible.

If this happens, please remove the string by pulling it away from the tea bag, and brew your tea without the string and tag.

Thanks for your understanding 🙂

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47 reviews for Delisse Coca Tea Bags

  1. Andrew Higgins (verified owner)


  2. Scott Wrightson (verified owner)

    Good fast delivery

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Brilliant service.

  4. Leah (verified owner)

    I ground the tea leaves up and added bicarb with warm water, as was suggested on the helpful leaflet that came with the package. For me the effect was simultaneously calming and uplifting. I really feel it helps with my chronic fatigue… gently therapeutic might be the best way to describe it. I highly recommend this authentic and unique product. I was pleasantly surprised and will be back for more!

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely phenomenal product, service & turn around times. Thank you!

  6. Daniel (verified owner)

    Spent a fair amount of time in Peru, forgot how good coca is..recommended.

  7. Jody B. (verified owner)

    Second to none , as always. buy with confidence here. AAA+++

  8. Eva (verified owner)

    Fast delivery thank you.

  9. Peter (verified owner)

    This tea is refreshing hot or cold and using different preparation methods brings out the best qualities.

  10. Glenn B. (verified owner)

    Very Quick Delivery

  11. Brittany (verified owner)

    Epic as usual

  12. Tyrone (verified owner)

    Great product; refreshing tea!

  13. Paul Hine (verified owner)

    Yet again excellent quality and service. Thanks again Mike😄

  14. David (verified owner)

    Great tea, prompt service & delivery!!!

  15. Michael F. (verified owner)

    Fresh, carefully packed, and with fast delivery, these tea bags are a genuine, high quality product. They contain a multitude of health promoting alkaloids and nutrients. Highly recommended!

  16. Edward (verified owner)

    Relaxed, friendly and not greedy. Quality product, well presented. Swift delivery. Mike ticks all the boxes and has won himself another customer.

  17. Anonymous (verified owner)

    The best…I ordered more as soon as i tried it. Thank you

  18. Laura (verified owner)

    Brewed with a hint of lemon and honey. Wonderfully refreshing and invigorating! Quick delivery and great service! Thanks so much!

  19. Dave (verified owner)

    Thanks Mike, Good as always.
    Dave from SA.

  20. William Shaw (verified owner)

    As described, imagined and most harmoniously imbibed. If you haven’t yet, you’re missing out. We love you Mike

  21. Grant M (verified owner)

    Love the stuff . And Mikes great . We need more Mikes…

  22. Shana (verified owner)

    I love this tea, it’s fantastic! High quality product and great taste.

  23. KamikazeMothership2020 (verified owner)

    Mike’s world class service is back !
    Ordered and barely had time to blink before my package was delivered 🤩
    Thank you Tea Lover Mike! You’ll always be the BOSS 😁

  24. Glen C. (verified owner)

    Lightly uplifting and motivating, not heavy, gentle on the gut, very nice, thanks again Mike.

  25. Tony Rocha Newton (verified owner)

    great service, thanks

  26. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Quick dispatch. Good service. Product is good quality tea.

  27. Jody B. (verified owner)

    Perfect product, perfect service. Don’t be fooled by foreign scammers with Ukranian address getting you to Western Union your hard earned cash. This is 100% legit, tea is sent from within Australia so no concerns with jumped up little border force officers. AAA+++ Highly recommended.

  28. Louis T. (verified owner)

    Great brew! Fast delivery. Very happy with the product. Tea for life:)

  29. Grant M (verified owner)

    love the stuff. And Mike’s great

  30. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service

  31. David (verified owner)

    I’ve been buying Mikes tea since the early days, never had a problem.

  32. Jody B. (verified owner)

    The real deal here, just like in Peru/Bolivia. Great product, prompt ultra-reliable delivery. you cannot go wrong ordering from Mike.

  33. Brett (verified owner)

    Fantastic prompt service.

  34. Paul Eden (verified owner)

    Hi Mike
    Thanks for keeping your business going. I’ve had the tea bags for e few days now, never having tried them prior. I found that after a cup of tea, to give myself a sense of relaxation, like a holistic kind of freedom within. I also emptied a few bags and a pinch of sodium bicarbonate and chewed which is great for mind and body. I enjoy using the tea with meditation, physical exercise and I think just taking the edge off the many thoughts that pass through our minds, and enables myself to focus on single thoughts and activities.
    I would prefer to have the powder, although the tea bags are helpful.

    Kind regards
    Paul Eden

  35. Mark Hine (verified owner)

    Excellent service & a great product thank you

  36. Adam (verified owner)

    My favourite Tea ! I know it’s giving my body and mind so much health and well-being, Just as Mother Nature intended ! Thanks Mike.

  37. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great service with a delicious & nutritious ancient food.

  38. Peter (verified owner)

    i have had these peruvian tea bags before and they are still refreshing and pick you up a bit after or during a hot day cheers

  39. Craig (verified owner)

    Wonderfully refreshing. A pinch of bi-carb adds an extra bit of fizz.

  40. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Tea Bags are convenient and contain good leaf.

  41. Chloe (verified owner)

    Amazing service from Mike. He’s been there to help me so much and we have corresponded quite a bit about the product as this is my first purchase, he has been a son fantastic, there aren’t enough people like him in the world! When I couldn’t fully afford the product, he dropped a couple of dollars off the shipping to help me afford it as we’re struggling financially, so I could experience the product, so I am so appreciative for him! This is only my fourth day using the tea, I’ve been having 2-3 cups a day, but tipping the contents of the bags into a mug & adding a pinch of bicarb then drinking the leaves at the bottom as I want the full health benefits (as Mike told me all about in our emails). This is actually the first day I’ve noticed a noticeable difference in my motivation/energy levels, but Mike said that was completely normal as it needs to build up in your system. I’m not as sluggish and am just a bit more focused & perky & more motivated to do things. I’ll finish off my 100 bags continuing having 3 or so cups a day and see how we go. So far so good. Absolutely excellent service. I haven’t come across such amazing service from a company in.. I don’t think ever.. thanks Mike and Tea for Life, here’s hoping for those energy levels to continue to soar! 🙂

  42. William (verified owner)

    Always top quality health tea! Exactly what you’re looking for to restore health and energy. Daily life has more colour and vigor after one teabag a day. Delivery within 3 days, excellent!

  43. Matthew W. (verified owner)

    Thankyou again for a incredible product that helps my entire life without a doubt.

  44. Mike L. (verified owner)

    Have always bought from Mike. He is always honest, reliable and communicative. A really top bloke. These tea bags are so good in the morning and they are gentle, mellow and enjoyable.

  45. Brian Berg

    Seems to improve my day as far as attitude and energy are concerned. I’d call it a tonic.

  46. Dave Wilkinson (verified owner)

    Great to chew for an energy boost..and makes an excellent cold brew.. awesome customer service and dispatch time.

  47. Petra (verified owner)

    Tea bags are awesomely convenient. Delicious and refreshing. Much easier than powder. Good job. Thanks.

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