NEW! A-Grade Health Tea from Ecuador


This specialty from Ecuador is of the highest connoisseur standard

The tea leaves are crushed in small batches from market-fresh leaves and vacuum-sealed for maximum potency and flavour.

It doesn’t get any fresher unless you ventured into the jungle yourself.


Our regular Health Tea is good, even excellent. But this tea is truly great, and a connoisseur’s delight.

Please read our Tasting Notes for more details.

Tips for preparing Ecuadorian Health Tea:

This tea is really fresh…the aroma is amazing. The Ecuadorian tea has a bigger particle size than the usual Peruvian tea powder, which has a flour-like consistency.  It’s also lighter per teaspoon due to the particle sizes, so either measure your tea on an accurate scale, or use the following rule of thumb when perparing a cup.

  • Use up to double the number of teaspoons when you make a cup…
    • 2 teaspoons for a normal strength cup
    • 3-4 teaspoons for a strong cup


Please read the information on

before ordering!

  • Limit 1 per customer per day.
  • Sorry, due to limited quantities, no samples are available.
  • This is a premium product, and it is priced accordingly, as our import costs are high.
  • We do not guarantee this tea will be stronger (or weaker) than our regular Health Tea.  In general, our Ecuadorian Health Tea is more potent and aromatic, due to the freshness of the grind.  However, as both our tea varieties are seasonal products, strength varies through the year anyway.  We don’t sell this tea for the “buzz” it creates, we only endorse healthy and responsible use (brewing in hot water).  Thanks.


Dear customer,

Due to shipping difficulties within Ecuador, we regret to announce that we’ve been unable to source this rare and delightful product for some months now.

Rest assured, we’re working with our supplier and hope to bring this great product back within the next few months.

In the meantime, there’s always our excellent Peru Health Tea 🙂

Only Available in 150g Pack Size



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  • If this product is showing “Out of stock”, then we’ve sold out and are waiting arrival of another shipment (can be up to several weeks apart, at this stage).  Please join the waiting list by subscribing to the Ecuador Tea Notification List above
  • This product is in very high demand, an we can unfortunately only operate on a first come, first served basis
  • Limited Quantities Available – Only 1 Pack per customer per day

Brew a Better (Stronger) Cup!

BAeroPress Coffee (and Tea!) Makerrew your Health Tea with an AeroPress Coffee (and Tea!) Maker and never look back.  I use mine every day to make super-strong tea that far surpasses regular brewing.

This product is changing lives.  Learn how Nature’s miracle herb has helped so many of our customers. Check out the reviews below…

10 reviews for NEW! A-Grade Health Tea from Ecuador

  1. Mac (verified owner)

    Absolutely a connoisseur tea. A remarkable brew very much as advertised, leaving a refreshing mouth feel and a great feeling of well being, an excellent pick me up with a really nice after taste. 110 %

  2. Bob (verified owner)

    Class A, helps releive my arthritic pain and an absolute cracker for clarity of thought n focus.

  3. Tom (verified owner)

    Totally unique flavour, I thought it had hints of eucalyptus and smoke.
    Really nice,

  4. Benjamin P (verified owner)

    Thanks Mike,
    This is a wonderful AAA grade product,
    I find that the Ecuadorian tea should not be used in the same quantities like the regular Peruvian tea, I found less than half as much is required compared to the Peruvian tea, this seems to be a much stronger tea indeed, one cup of Ecuadorian tea equals three cups of the Peruvian tea

  5. Tom

    Good product put a real spring in my step 😊
    Recommend sodium bicarbonate 10% of tea added.

  6. Dean (verified owner)

    Thank you for seeking out and making available the sustainable Equadorian tea, it is fabulous for many reasons. I find that mental clarity and physical energy are the most instant and observable benefits. There is also a sense of general wellbeing with daily teas, but the only downside to this practical application is the price.

  7. Geoff (verified owner)

    Having experienced this type of tea and its benefits on a recent trip to Peru and Bolivia I was more than happy with the Peruvian herbal tea you had available. Wow what a difference the Ecuador blend is, well worth the extra in price. I have Parkinson’s disease and this tea certainly improves mobility and decreases muscle stiffness and rigidity.

  8. Jean (verified owner)

    I use this for meditative purposes and its definitely a cut above, very happy with this product. It has a distinctive flavour and “cleaner” energy to it for what I use. Very happy and will definitely continue to use it.

  9. Michael (verified owner)

    This Ecuadorian tea is genuinely fresh ground and of premium quality, the proof is in the excellent aroma and taste – truly a connoisseur’s tea.

    Having successfully used the regular health tea for years for a variety of health benefits it promotes, this tea quickly became my favourite- mainly due to the fresh taste, and also because I found the potency to be high. In fact I didn’t need to add additional teaspoons to adjust for the greater volume of the bigger flake size. So I actually used less tea in each brew than I normally would, but even still the cost is high. It’s a special treat – perhaps a tea equivalent to the famous Kopi Luwak (civet coffee)!

  10. Jasmine (verified owner)

    This tea has a similar potency as the standard teaforlife blend but it feels even smoother on the stomach. I personally prefer the old blend due to its finer texture. However I still recommend trying this new batch for yourself! It gives you great focus and clarity 🙂

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