The AeroPress Coffee (and Tea) Maker is a wonderful piece of kit. However, the instructions included with it don’t show the best method of using it.

We always use our AeroPress inverted, as this has a few advantages.

This will make a strong brew without the “gritty bits”. The remaining powder will still have some goodness in it, as no simple extraction technique is 100% effective. Also, other nutrients, including calcium and protein will be left behind in the remnants. It’s up to you what you want to do with the leftovers…you can discard them, “press” them again for a weaker brew, or mix them with some water and drink it down.

I personally swallow the remnants every second or third cup I make, just to make use of the valuable nutrients still left in the grounds.

Here’s a tip for a tasty alternative – only fill the AeroPress about one-quarter with warm to hot water (never boiling!), stir it well, then top up the rest with ice tea. Apply the filter, invert and press…add ice if desired. Delicious!

Check out the video below. It shows how to use the Inverted AeroPress method for coffee, but the same technique applies for our Health Tea as well…just add one or two teaspoons of Health Tea, and keep pressing even after you hear the “hiss” (contrary to what the video says)…