It seems Google is a bit naughty and has not been delivering our emails to many people’s inboxes. Google doesn’t like “salesy” talk, which is why our emails haven’t been getting through…so no more fancy colours, logos and links in our emails.  Just straight talk.

Because of this, a whole lot of our lovely customers didn’t get wind of our nice “10 Plus 10” deal, so we extended it by a few days.

Q: What could be better than our Peru Health Tea?

A: Even more Health Tea at no extra cost, of course!

This 10 Percent extra tea offer must end on Sunday*, so now’s a good time to stock up.

For a few days only, you’ll get an extra 10 percent more of our vitality-inducing Health Tea Powder.  

Consolidate your savings by making sure you use the discount code below get to a further 10 percent off regular prices, OK?  Oh, and the offer applies to our awesome AeroPress coffee/tea maker as well.

Use the following coupon code at the Checkout page to claim:


Be quick – we always sell out fast!

If you place an order, please allow 2 to 3 working days (on average) for us to pack and ship your order.

To your health and happiness,



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