How to Whitelist Tea for Life Emails

It might come as no surprise to learn that spam is a major problem on the Internet. Recently, the big providers of free email services have really clamped down on spam, which can only be a good thing.

However, it has made it very difficult for the good guys, like us, to sometimes get our emails into the inboxes of people who use these services.

Below is a guide that should help you to tell your email service that we are not spammers.  This will help us deliver information about your orders, and special deals without you missing out on them.






GMail Promotions Tab

Google seems to be the most strict, And if they don’t send our emails to the Spam folder, they can often go to the Promotions tab – so here’s some instructions for Gmail:

From a desktop or laptop computer, subscribers can drag and drop our email into their Primary tab. Take these two steps:

  • Rescue any email we’ve already sent by clicking on it and dragging it to your Primary inbox
  • When a dialog box asks whether you want this action performed for every message from this sender, click Yes

On a mobile device, subscribers can move our messages from their Promotions inbox screen. Try these four quick steps:

  • Rescue this email by holding your finger on it until a check mark appears
  • Tap the three dots at the top right of your screen
  • Select “Move to”
  • And then select “Primary”

GMail Spam Whitelist

Log into your account and open up the email in your inbox. Hover over the sender’s email address, [email protected], and a window will pop up. Select “Add to Contacts” to save the sender to your Contacts list.

You can also whitelist in GMail before opening the email. To do so, hover over our name next to the subject line in the inbox. Click “More” in the pop-up box. Select “Add to senders” to save to your Contacts list.


Log into your account, hover over the “Settings” icon and click “Settings”.

In the “Settings” tab, select “Filters” from the left menu and click the button to “Add” a filter.

Name your filter “Tea for Life” in the “Filter name” field. Select “contains” in the “sender” drop-down menu. Type the sender’s email address in our email address [email protected] in the text field. In the “Move to Folder” drop-down menu, select “Inbox”. Click the “Save” button in the top bar to save the filter.


In the upper right hand corner of your account, click on the “Settings” icon. From here, click on the option for “Options”.

While in this section, click on the option for “Safe and blocked senders”.

Click on “Safe senders”.

Enter our email address [email protected] and click the button to “Add to list”.