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A Ray of Hope

Well, it’s been a while since our last update, and boy did we underestimate how long it would take to get things moving again!

We have had some news that has renewed our hope.  A short while ago, the government of Peru announced that they would be reopening international shipping links again to the outside world.

It was news that we have been waiting months for.

If all goes according to government plan, shipping will resume in early October.

We won’t know how long after that date that we will receive new stock of our Health Tea.  The world has changed somewhat this year, and we expect there to be quite a bit of backlog of shipments to clear out of that country.

In the past, our shipments usually take several weeks to get to us, so if I had to hazard a guess, all going well, we will hopefully see some stock start to arrive sometime in November at the earliest.  Please take this estimation with a large grain of salt, as it could easily slip into December, or even beyond.

As more information comes to hand, we will publish updates to this post.

To all our valued customers who have been hanging out for more of our special Health Tea, we feel you – it has been a long time between drinks even for us.

Stay well,

Mike the tea lover

Stock Delays During Pandemic – Want to Stay Notified?

Tea for Life Update – Peru Tea Availability during Global Coronavirus Crisis

Many of our customers rely on our Peru health tea to treat medical conditions and to generally improve the quality of life and the amount of energy in their lives.

We think that’s a pretty bloody “essential supply”, so we fight on to keep bringing this extraordinary product to Australia.

It’s a little-known fact that our Peru tea is a significant immune system booster. All the more reason for us to struggle and strive to get this magical herb to our shores in such uncertain times.

I won’t ramble on, so here’s where things are out as far as I can see in terms of the next few months:

  • The factory making the tea in Peru has temporarily shut down, which means supplies are running short with wholesalers over there.
  • We’ve secured a decent amount of the product with our wholesaler and will start shipping it in batches as soon as the Peru post office opens, hopefully sometime in mid-April. Expected arrival in Australia would be late May…which is quite a while away, unfortunately.
  • We do have some stock coming in the near future – perhaps 10 days to 2 weeks from now, but only a small shipment. We will send an email out to this same list once it arrives. The maximum package size will be 250g, and unfortunately, it will be limited to one per customer per day.
  • A small price rise is inevitable. Our Aussie dollar has been battling for a while and we have been absorbing costs, but in order to continue to push through barriers during this time, sometimes the only option is to throw money at them. Unfortunately, our costs have gone up, and while we’ve absorbed several cost increases over the last couple of years, we have not raised our prices in a few years. We are not comfortable with the thought of a price rise, but the economics at this time will need to dictate.

So, in summary, supplies will be quite short for the next couple of months until the new stock we have secured starts to come in around the end of May.

Hopefully, the postal services and delivery companies will still be operating for the next few months!

Please allow me to pass on our sincerest best wishes, and hope that you and all your loved ones stay safe in this critical time.


Mike and team
Tea for Life Australia